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5 Hearts This is a book that I LOVED! One that I will recommend to everyone and anyone who wants an awesome book that will keep them turning the pages until it is done, this is a book that I would easily read again. This is also a book that I would tune out the rest of the world and get completely lost into the world of the characters.

4 Hearts This is a book that is good, has all the right parts and kept me turning the pages. I would for sure recommend this book if someone asks me about it and I might even read it again.

3-5_HeartRating_sm A book that I liked and feel as though it has a good story line. There may be a feeling that it needed something more. A book I would probably recommend but wouldn’t be the first one I would think about.

2-5_HeartRating_smThis is a book that I might recommend if I thought it was to the right person. Chances are that the book was good just not one I could connect with or the writing did not flow well for me. A book that I forget easily.

1-5_HeartRating_sm Honestly, you will never see this on my blog. I review books to promote them and show support, I don’t believe in writing a negative review on a book that I don’t like. I may rate this on Amazon or Goodreads with a rating but no review, but most of the time I just stop reading and move on. Not every book that I pick up is going to be a book for me and that is totally ok.